Friday, March 30, 2012

March 30

Sweet boy.

March 29

Sooooo excited.

We took Colin outside in his swim suit and got the hose going - he had a BLAST!  And he was completely soaked by the time we came in for lunch!

March 28


Colin and I were playing outside this morning and came in before lunch.  We had to wash our hands, and we got a bit distracted in the sink.

March 27

Just walkin' around.

Colin loves to put on our shoes and walk around... mine fit a little better than Garets =)

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26

My sweet big boy.

Doesn't he look so big here...
Colin had his 18 month appointment today (he did great!) 

March 25

Eric and Morgan.

All of us left Charlotte today (Eric and his family, and  my family).  Here is my brother and his sweet baby girl!

March 24

There's something on your face.

Colin did so well eating his yogurt!  He used his spoon and didn't even turn the container over!  Yay =)  He may have gotten a tad bit on his face, but yay for using a spoon!  (he ate the entire thing of it too!)

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23

18 months.

My sweet boy is a year and a half today!  We just love him sooooooooo......
=)  Wish I knew what he was saying here! 
My parents neighbors gave them this awesome little playground that Colin is playing on!  There is a rock wall, a rope ladder, and a slide!  Colin likes climbing up the rock wall and then climbing right back down!

March 22


My mom took Colin to preschool today (where she used to work) and let him meet some of the kids and teachers, and he got to play on the playground where he had an absolute blast!

March 21

Gardening with Grandmama.

Colin got a rake and shovel to help out in the yard.  He pretty much stays dirty!  He is such a boy!  Dirt, Water, Rocks, Mulch, and whatever else he can get into... and I love it!  (except yesterday he tried to hand me a bug - no thanks!)

March 20

Flower for Mom.

Colin gave me a pretty flower!  The reason I look crazy is because here he was actually trying to pull it away and I didn't want it to break!  =)

March 19


Papaw and Colin read like this at least once a day.  Can you tell what they are reading??? 
The Children's Dictionary.  And Colin loves it! 

March 18


I just LOVE my guys!!!
Garet headed back home and left Colin and I in Charlotte for the week.  Don't worry he will be back for us on Friday =)

March 17

Playing with Papaw.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We had fun getting dirty outside (with our green on, of course!)

March 16

I see something.

We traveled to Charlotte and on the way stopped for lunch... we let Colin play some on the indoor playground.  It was funny to see this sign!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15

At the park.

We had a blast at the park today!  It was hot, but fun =)

March 14

One hand in my pocket.

Anytime there are pockets in Colin's pants he has started walking around with one hand in it!  It is so funny!  Today he tried to ride his bike with his hand in his pocket!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13

Morning reading.

Colin really likes climbing up onto the chairs... crazy boy!

March 12

Under the hood.

Once we put Colin to bed, we discovered that he must have had to take a look under his bike.  I just love finding little things that he has done after he goes to bed =)

March 11


Have I mentioned that Colin LOVES these boots????
(yes those are his pajamas!)

March 10

On a walk.

On our walk today we had to bundle Colin up a bit - it was a little chilly, but still a really pretty day! 
And can you believe Colin leaves his sunglasses on?!  How cute?!  He actually gets mad when we take them off!  haha

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9

Go Carolina.

Colin represented with his Tar Heels sweatshirt today!
- Can you see his tongue sticking out??  When he is concentrating, he sticks it out =)  So cute!

March 8

Hanging out.

I went through some clothes today and Colin took the tote, pushed it into our living room, then climbed inside... with two of his waters! 

March 7

Watching himself.

When Colin sees our phones he wants to snuggle up and watch videos of himself =)
(he also knows how to open them by himself!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6


A few weeks ago I got Colin this marker that doesn't mark on anything except this paper.  He had fun today drawing - though it doesn't keep his attention for too long!

March 5

Feeding Suzi.

Colin decided that he wanted to give Suzi all of his snack.  So he fed it to her.
After this picture I put a stop to that, don't worry =)  I taught him to throw it to her.  Ha!  Yes I told him to throw his food.  Hey - it's better than Suzi accidentally getting his little finger!

March 4


There was a lot of hype about how people can get their brooms to stand up by themselves (because of the way the earth was tilted??  or something??) but we got our Swifter to do it!

March 3


We drove to Myrtle Beach and went to the outlet stores.  It was a rainy day (thank goodness this place was covered!) but Colin just had to have these sunglasses!

March 2


It was such great weather that Garet suggested we go our church playground.  Colin had sooo much fun!  He was so sandy when we were finished, but it was so worth it =)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 1


I couldn't resist buying this big blue ball when we were at Walmart - and Colin LOVED it!  He ran around the whole yard with it.  The wind was blowing some, so he would throw it and the wind would blow it, so he would run his little legs off chasing it!  Priceless!

Friday, March 2, 2012

February 29

Running with Daddy.

Garet took Colin on a morning run!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 28


This was the only picture I took this day... and it is blurry with my phone.  But it's still cute of my boy!  Colin was waving to himself!

EDIT: so it appears that this picture and the one before were taken on the same day.... oops.  Looks like I may not have taken one on the 28th. 

February 27

Two fingers.

Since meeting with Eric, Kailey and Morgan - Colin has been sucking on his two fingers.  It may have to do with the fact that Miss Morgan sucked on her fingers during lunch =)