Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30

Colin loves to hold Addison.  And when he does, she gets lots of cuddles =)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29

Book worm.
Colin loves to read.  He will sit with books and go through each page.... any book... and every page, which is a lot, especially when he decides to read the Bible or the Yellow Pages.  (yes.)
He got a library card and LOVES to use it.  This was the second time this week we were at the library.  He likes to return the books, pick new ones out, use his card and check them out, all by himself =)

March 28

Good girl.
Suzi turns into a puppy when she is outside with a ball.  I love it.

March 27

Little Miss.
The lady I do some work for made this precious dress for Addison. 
(her Etsy page is here)

March 26

My boy.

I love this kid!  He cracks me up!

March 25

Wagon ride.
Soooo excited about Spring!  =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24

We went to the bookstore today and Addison got quite comfortable.

March 23

Colin is three and a half today!  And, though he doesn't take naps anymore, he still has a "quiet time"... but as you can see, he still probably should be sleeping!  We were on our way to a friends house for dinner and he decided to fall asleep =)

March 22

Hose drinkin.
Another beautiful day!  Garet had to work a pancake breakfast, so we went at the end and had a breakfast lunch with him.  Colin got to play at the park there, then come home and enjoy our backyard!  I am SO ready for the warm weather to stay!!

March 21

1st wagon ride.
It was so nice today!  Colin was having a blast outside, and since Addison is NOT a fan of being in the grass I figured I would see how she did in the wagon. She loved it.  Although she had a big brother that was trying to help push.... =)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March 20

Just walking around.
No big deal.

March 19

Reading with Grandmama.
After a LONG travel day (and night), today we left my parents house mid-morning and headed home.

March 18

Departure day.
Garet and his mom on the balcony of her house. 
G took Colin to the pool (poor guy), while I packed up our stuff.  This was right before we loaded the car and drove to the car barge... then to the airport... then 2 planes later we were landing in Charlotte.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17

Happy St. Patty's Day.
We went to Jumbie Beach this morning and it was gorgeous!  We were the only ones there for a bit and had a GREAT time!  We packed lunch, and there were rocks that Colin liked to climb on.  This afternoon one of my friends, that is now a photographer here, took our pictures!

March 16

In town.
We left Addison napping with Garet's mom and Rod, and we headed into town to run a couple errands and then to play on the playground with Colin.  It was hot, but so fun!  Colin even got to touch one of the sailboats =)

March 15

I was asking Colin to smile for me.  This is what I got =)
He was having a little snack between rolling around in the sand (see his back?!) and "swimming" in the ocean. 

March 14

Date night.
After another perfect beach day, Garet and I got to go out after the kids were in bed!  We walked around downtown and found a new little place that had live music.  It was awesome! 

March 13

Beach bum.

What a cutie!  Addison does not like the sand!  When we are holding her, so loves to splash in the water, but don't even think about putting her in her float!  We walk the beach a lot.  And boy does she get everyone's attention!  =)

March 12

Dump truck driving.
Today we went to Francis... with the kids getting up early, we are at the beach by 9/9:30 and are usually one of the first ones out there.  With the palm trees we are in the shade on the sand most of the day.  Colin LOVED having his truck at the beach.  The truck mainly drove around with sand and rocks!

March 11

We went to Maho Beach this morning.... it was just as beautiful as we remembered!  We had lunch at SunDog's (where we both used to work) and saw a couple of our friends that still live here.  After nap time we took Colin to the beach alone and had fun with him =) 

March 10

Here we go.
We are all set to lift off to St. John!  We are going to visit with Garet's mom and her husband.  We are sooooo excited!

March 9

New toy.
My parents got this new water/sand table!  Colin loved it =)
We have had so much fun hanging out here!  The weather was perfect - when we left our house we left an ice storm and our power was out!

March 8

Lindsay's shower.
We had Lindsay's baby shower today!  It was so much fun!  Can't wait to meet those 3 sweet girls =)

March 7

Sweet cousins.
It was so great to hang out with Eric and his family!  Colin and Morgan are at such a fun age!  They are really starting to play together - their favorite game?  hide and seek.  It is hilarious to watch them play =)

March 6

Dinner with Morgan.

My mom set up this cute little table for the kids.  They loved it!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 5

My kids.
We had a return to make to Lowes, so to make it fun (and trust me we had fun!) the kids got to "drive" around the store.  I always make it out like Colin is steering us, so we may have bumped into a few things... and we spun out once too (just like Lightening McQueen!)  I wanted to take a picture for Garet so I told Colin, "Smile!  I am taking a picture for Daddy!"  So he grabbed Addison and I go this =)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 4

I love this.  Everything about it.  I love how Suzi is sleeping, despite a baby crawling on her.  I love that Addison snuggles into Suzi.  I love that there is a random truck next to Addison.  I love the sunlight shinning through.  I love that Addison is sporting blue.  I love that Addison is curled one way, and Suzi is curled the other.  I love that they love each other. 

March 3

Morning reading.
Don't mind that the book is upside down. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2

We got to play outside for most of today!  It was SO nice!  In fact, it was so nice that I didn't take any pictures!  So I got this one of Colin and me snuggling on the couch.

March 1

Driving in the Jeep.
It was beautiful today!  The kids and I had a lot of fun outside... I even put Addison in Colin's Jeep with him - and he promised to drive carefully, but she still had a tight grip on my hand =)

February 28

Got milk.
Colin "milked" a cow at the Winston Salem Children's Museum today!  It's funny because his favorite show is Curious George, and he just saw an episode where George worked on a farm... and milked a cow.  So, Colin walked right up and did this.  Just like he saw George do =)