Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 26

My movie date.

Today, Colin and I headed to a movie!  His first one!  There was a free movie down the street... Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs 2.  =) 
While we were gone, mom got some cute pictures of my girl.  She found some pearls and then didn't want to play without them!

June 25

Check out that face.
 Colin was so into this water table at Discovery Place!  We went with my parents and Kailey and Morgan - and we had so much fun!  We took the train into the city, then walked to Discovery Place... then went to lunch at the Epicentre.  Took the train back, then all laid down for a nice nap =)

My dad and Colin were battling with the water sprays!

June 24

Cousin love.
The kids and I went to Charlotte today to hang out with my family.  It was so much fun!  Colin and Morgan are so cute together - and I just love this picture!  Colin was soaked from the water =) 
(Thanks for the picture mom!)

June 23

Having fun.
These two are so funny together!  Addison loves going over and rubbing Suzi.

June 22

Water fun.
We had fun playing in the water today!

Colin shooting the water straight up =)  He kept saying "It's raining!"

Friday, June 27, 2014

June 21

Car shopping.
Since G is changing jobs, we are going to be down a car.  Right now he has a company car and I have our SUV... so.... we are car shopping.  We went out this afternoon just to kind of see what was out there and it ended up with Garet and the car guy walking around and me with the kids.  This is Colin watching the "line up" (that is the cars that are stopped at the red light at the corner) and Addison just plopped down next to him.  We ended the day with no new car and the insight to now just send G to car shop =)

June 20

 Going crazy.
 Today was the last day of camp, and we just let loose =)  Camp was half a day today... we got to see each of them do skits with their group.  Then we had lunch there at camp.  When we got home, we had a "quiet time" then went out and got soaked in the water the rest of the afternoon!  It was a nice way to end our camp week!

The end of Colin's skit... I was videoing so this was the only pic of it...
By the way... the theme of camp was knights... so Colin's skit was them slaying a dragon (aka a pool noodle that is in his hands)

Garet was recognized for it being his last camp as the DE...

Quiet time...

Someone was tired  =)

Drinking from the spray of the sprinkler...

Monday, June 23, 2014

June 19

Our crazy crew.
 Andrew was so great with Colin!  And the girls, Grayson and Piper, were amazing!  It was so much fun having them here! 

This afternoon, they discovered that we have Wii Super Mario Cart.  Lucky for them, they knew how to set it up because I sure didn't ;)  And if you know Colin, then you know he is obsessed with cars!  And racing!  He was mesmerized!

Here is Colin learning to drive.  It was hilarious!  Grayson was so patient while she was teaching him... he was all over the road!  But, when he was off roading he kept saying, "Look I'm making steam!!!"  and when he would ride over banana's (which you aren't supposed to do) and his car would spin, he would yell, "Look I wrecked!!!"  He was so happy! 

June 18

Having a blast.
I used this picture from the day camp site... This is Colin's favorite part of the day... swimming! 

We also have a BIG announcement!  Garet is moving on from the Boy Scouts.  He has accepted a new position at High Point Regional Foundation at the hospital.  He will be the Developmental Officer. 
So... this week has been bittersweet for him. This is seriously one of his favorite things about this job.  Day camp.  It has been a good note to leave on.  It is so touching to me to see how many lives Garet has impacted with the job with the Boy Scouts.  He has been in a few different councils with this job (every time we move = a new council) so he has left a "trail of tears" as one of his volunteers said before.  They get so attached to him... and they are so sweet to our family! 
We are very excited about this new opportunity.  Garet will make the switch mid month =)

June 17

While Garet and the other kids are at camp, Addison and I have gotten stuff done around the house.  Garet's sister, Adriane is here doing some yard work... so while she was doing that, we went outside to play.  It has been SO hot! 

Before camp this morning, Colin and Andrew took a ride around the yard!  Colin LOVES having someone to play with!

June 16

First day of camp.
Garet has a day camp once a year with his job... last year was Colin's first year attending (for part of the day, everyday).  He talked about it ALL year!  This year, Garet's sister and her kids came... the girls (12 years old) helped lead the different groups and Andrew (7 years old) got to participate... along with Colin!  Some days Colin went in late, some he left early, but overall he got to do most everything.  And for it being such a long day (9-5 Monday - Friday) he did GREAT!  It was a really fun week!  Here is Colin right before leaving for camp =)

June 15

 Happy Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 14

Hanging out at the zoo.
We decided, this morning, to head to the zoo!  We had lots of fun!

It was funny how we were looking at the lions, and Colin was on the ground looking for the end of the "ant line up"...

Sometimes when Addison gets restless in the stroller... a diaper will keep her occupied for a bit =)

Colin giving us directions...

June 13

That look.
Am I in trouble or what?!  Seriously, she's already got the look! 
We headed to Target this morning to pick up a sprinkler for Addison... while there we tried on headbands.  She didn't like it =)  But the sprinkler was a HUGE hit!

OMG he's so handsome!