Monday, September 30, 2013

September 26

Airport buddy.
Today we left Disney.  Colin had an adventure and rode home (in the car) with my parents.  This sweet little lady and I flew back to Charlotte. 
And we celebrated Morgan's birthday before we left this morning! 

September 25

We headed to Downtown Disney today and had lunch with the dinosaurs!

September 24

We headed to Animal Kingdom today!  It was rainy, but we had fun anyway =)  Here we are on a safari ride!

September 23

Birthday boy.
Guess who we got to meet for Colin's birthday?!  MICKEY MOUSE!

September 22

Our family.
We celebrated Colin's 3rd birthday!  It was a rainy afternoon, so we all went to Mary and Joe's condo and had cake for our little man! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 21


We made it!  We had an awesome day at the Magic Kingdom! 

September 20

Flying to Florida.
Yep, that's Colin's head at the bottom =)

September 19

Playing with Uncle Eric.
After preschool today... the kids and I drove to Charlotte.  Colin was playing with Uncle Eric and Morgan, they were stacking blocks.

September 18

My kids.
Colin wanted to hold Addison this morning.

September 17

Helping me bake.
We had lots of apples and I didn't want them to go bad... so I made an apple cinnamon cake!  And Colin helped!  You can see in the picture that he helped himself to one of the apples =)

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16

Baby girl.
Addison is the sweetest baby!  I snapped this during Colin's "quiet time" today.  She was hanging out with me on the couch =)

September 15

My loves.
Tonight, before bed, Colin asked to hold Addison.  He loves her so much.

September 14

Daddy's little helper.
"Can I help you daddy?"
"Let me go get my tools, okay?"
Precious, precious, precious. 
Garet had to fix our screen door (thanks Suzi...) and he had a little helper.  Colin was super excited to get his goggles and his tools.

September 13

Sick baby girl.
Addison has a cold... she sounds like she can't breathe and there is nothing I can do =(
Luckily she doesn't mind saline spray and the bulb sucker thing. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 12

Garet has been super busy lately with work, but between meetings today he took Colin on his first bike ride on the road!  Colin LOVED it!

September 11

Birthday girl.
Not only is today a day for remembering the tragedy of 9/11, but it is also a day we celebrate our awesome dog, Suzi!  She is 8 today and first thing this morning we sang and gave her a present.  She got this new ball - it's huge =)  And she loves it! 
I love seeing her turn into a puppy again when she gets outside to run with her toys!

September 10

Four months.
My baby girl is 4 months old today!  And we celebrated by going to the doctor - not for a check up, but because she is sick.  You can't tell, she is all smiles =)  She has a cold, which she probably got from big bro. 
We are just amazed at how fast these 4 months have gone!  We are keeping busy!

September 9

Playing cars.
This week is supposed to be awesome weather!!  Today we took advantage and played in the pool.  I don't know why it has taken us all summer to realize how much fun it is to play cars in the pool!  Colin had a blast rolling them down the slide =)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 8

Go Panthers.
We lost, but I think Garet still enjoyed watching the game with his son =)

September 7

She rolled.
Addison has been so close to rolling over, but today she managed to pull that arm free and get completely over!  You go girl!

September 6

How we roll.

We went to a neighbors get-together tonight.  We walked since it wasn't too far away.  We had Addison in the carseat and stroller, then we had Colin with his wagon.  Of course.  Anytime we walk, we walk with the wagon.

September 5

First day of preschool.
Today, Colin started school. 
We all did great =)
I just can't believe my baby boy is in preschool!
In this picture, he was watching a school bus drive by.  He loves busses (and trucks, and cars, and firetrucks, and, well, anything with wheels!)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4

Love this blanket.
My parents stopped by for a quick overnight visit last night!  We had an awesome time visiting!  They also brought this gorgeous blanket that my Aunt Mary made for Addison!!  I love it!  We snuggled Addison in it to take a picture... I think she loves it too =)

September 3

Preschool open house.
Yep, that's right.  My baby boy is starting preschool!  We went to the open house this morning.  Colin went right to the train table, but then spotted this "long school bus" and took it for a spin. 

September 2

Squeaky clean.
It funny, I have a picture of Colin almost just like this at almost the EXACT same age!  What do you think?  Do they look similar??  I also have just taken the sling off the bathtub for Addison.  She seems to enjoy the bath but doesn't kick like her brother did!  Not yet anyway.

September 1

Helping daddy.
Garet was patching holes, and Colin wanted to help.  So, he got his tools, got his drill, and started "drilling" the hole.  In his underwear.  Just another day.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 30

Colin wanted to hold Addison, so I was able to get us all in a picture =) 
Love the smirk.

August 29

New friend.
We went to Petsmart today... Colin really wanted to see the snakes (???).  Too bad the snakes were hiding under their log... so, instead Colin made friends with this lizard thing.  And this lizard kept running around and making Colin laugh.  Then the nice woman that worked there decided to take out the lizard so Colin could pet him.  Which he did.  Then the crazy lizard decided to make a run for it and slithered around the woman's neck to her back.  Then the crazy nice woman asked me, "Hey can you just grab him?"  Then I grabbed this thing for the woman to put back in the glass where he belonged!

August 28

Having fun.
We went to the Children's Museum today... I think Addison had fun, what do you think?
She is definitely becoming a blanket and thumb girl.  She will snuggle up and fall right asleep!

August 27

So interesting.
One of my best friends came by today!  Christy brought her son, Austin... he is 2 months older than Addison.  While they were here, Christy gave him some baby food... Colin pulled up a chair to see what exactly was going on.  He was so interested!