Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 28

Happy Thanksgiving.
We have so much to be thankful for! 
This is a special picture because Addison is sitting in the same highchair that Garet's dad and his sisters used as kids.

November 27

We drove to the top of the mountain today.  It was soooooooo cold!  It was snowing and foggy.  Once we got to the top, Addison and I stayed in the warm car while Garet and Colin went inside to look around.  Way too cold for me!

November 26

Nap time.
We drove to Pop and Barbara's house today.  On the way there I told Colin, "You can close your eyes and rest on the drive."  And Colin said, "No thanks mom.  I don't want to close my eyes.  I'm not tired."  Okay... sure buddy... =)

November 25

Addison is outgrowing her swing... she is trying to sit up in it!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 24

Indoor s'mores.
After an awesome football game (Go Panthers!) we had a low key afternoon.  After dinner Garet made a fire and we had s'mores! 

November 23

Addison has fun playing with her toys while Colin is playing cars.  Wonder what life will be like when she starts moving?!  Colin sure is in for a surprise =)

November 22

Is there anything else?
After Colin's nap yesterday, he started running a fever.  He isn't anymore, but he is still coughing and sneezing... so we took it easy today. 

November 21

Holiday Program.
At preschool today, Colin had a "Holiday Program" and it was adorable!  Colin's class was the first to go... I'm pretty sure he didn't sing a bit =)  For the second song, they just shook bells.  And he was awesome at that!  Here is a video of it.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 20

Big hugs.
Colin still loves to hold Addison... and I'm pretty sure she loves it too =)

November 19

Hey brother.
Addison and I tried to hang with Colin and Suzi outside, but it was just too cold!  We came in and watched out the window =)

November 18

He's home.
Ahhh... my baby is home =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 17

Dinner date.
Colin was at Grandma Kay's and Papa Rod's for the night, so Garet and I had dinner with this little lady.  This was her first time in the high chair.

November 16

Kitchen helper.
Addison helped me in the kitchen today =)

November 15

I. Love. Him.

November 14

We went to Lowes today and Colin got to "drive" the racecar!  He is a crazy driver though... in fact, at one point he bumped right into the aisle!  It made him and Addison both crack up!  I was just hoping no one was watching me try to maneuver this big 'ole cart!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 13

Silly lady.
Addison loves to look into the mirror.  She cracks herself up!

November 12

If you know me and my dog, then you know Suzi has issues.  Seriously.  And now, along with her other issues, she has allergies.  I took her to the vet today, which really gets her worked up.  So she took a nice long nap this afternoon =)

November 11

With my kids.
Happy birthday to my dad!!!
Happy Veteran's Day!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10

Six months.
Happy 6 months to my baby girl! 
I was taking some pictures of her in her room this morning, and her sweet big brother came to join us =)  I love these two so much! 

November 9

Garet had to go into the office early to help with something and he took Colin with him.  So us girls had a jam session in the middle of the living room!

November 8

Monkey Joes.
We met Garet at his office today, then we all went to Monkey Joes!  We haven't been in a long time, and Colin loved it!  So did I... I wasn't able to get on these things with him while I was pregnant, so him and I had fun sliding =)

November 7

Showing Addison how it works.
I pulled out some baby toys that we had put away when Colin outgrew them.  Colin had fun showing Addison how they worked =)

November 6

We ran errands today... the last stop was Barnes & Noble.  Of course we played with the trains!

November 5

Suzi trying to get her ball.
Poor dog.  Colin likes to drive around with Suzi's beloved blue ball.  Right after this, Suzi got it though =)

November 4

Colin was lining up his cars (go figure) and Addison was bouncing like crazy =) 
Guess Colin didn't want his picture taken.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 3

Girl time.
Us girls headed to Ikea!  It was on my drive home... it was very successful =)

November 2

She sits.
Addison has been sitting for short periods of time lately!  I still have to be nearby, or have a pillow nearby, because she will still topple over sometimes.

November 1

My date.
Addison and I are headed to Charlotte tomorrow, so I took my little man out for a date!  We had an awesome time!  Dinner AND frozen yogurt =)  I love hanging out with him! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

October 31

Happy Halloween.

October 30

Homemade pizza.
I love making pizza with Colin.  He is good about flattening out the dough... and he likes to "put holes in it"... then he is good about spreading the sauce... but when it comes to the cheese, he just grabs a handful and puts it straight into his mouth!  It turned out awesome =)

October 29

Playing cars.
We got to hang out outside again today... Colin had fun "wrecking" his cars into each other.