Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 31

Happy Easter!
We had a great Easter!  Colin was had a visitor from the Easter bunny this morning then we were very blessed with the church service.  We had a pretty mellow afternoon... Colin did not nap, therefore I did not get much done =) 

March 30

Easter egg hunt.
We decided that when Colin got up from his nap today we would do an easter egg hunt in the backyard, since it was supposed to rain on Easter.  He LOVED it!  I had a spare basket that he took with him... but quickly decided that he could just leave it in the yard and hunt for eggs solo.

Friday, March 29, 2013

March 29

So busy.
I feel much better!  Just still a bit weak, probably from not being able to eat much yesterday... but at least I'm not getting sick anymore!  This afternoon Colin and I hung out outside before dinner.  It was a little chilly but so nice to get out!  We walked the wagon around the house at least 4 times =)

March 28

My view from the couch.
Well it was a matter of time... I got the stomach virus that Colin had a few days ago.  I was up ALL night =(  So today I spent the majority of time today in bed.  It's so hard because I want to get our house unpacked so bad!  Lucky for me, I have an amazing husband.  Also lucky for me, he was off this week!  So, he took Colin and they went out for a few hours while I tried to eat a little lunch... then I sat on the couch for a bit.  By this afternoon I was feeling better.

March 27

Chatting with Daddy.
While I got some unpacking done, the guys went out back to get out of the house.  This is what I saw when I peeked through our kitchen window =) 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26

Helping Daddy.
So thankful for answered prayers!  Colin is MUCH better today!  He even helped Garet put together our kitchen table.  (finally we have a table!) 
As far as the unpacking... we are making tons of progress.  Both Garet and I get in the zone and just unpack like crazy.  I think we are both just ready to be settled! 

March 25

Getting settled.
Today was a rough day.  Colin didn't get sick anymore but he was acting like he felt horrible!  He was sad and just wanted to lay on me.  We curled up and watched a movie, he took a couple naps, I took him to the doctor because he had me worried - he has never been sick like this before!  He would try to play, but would end up just laying down almost in tears.  By this evening he seemed to be a little more like himself.  I just want to cry!  I hate seeing him so sick!

March 24

Looking outside.
Colin is sick =(  He threw up this morning.  It is the first time that has happened.  He and Suzi took some time to sit and look outside.  Can you see my parent's dog Rusty?  Outside looking in.
I loaded up and took my crew back to our new house this afternoon!  So exciting!  But on the way there... we were literally 2 minutes away... Colin got sick again.  Poor sweet boy.

March 23

I am so happy that Colin loves to read and be read to! 

March 22

Pretending to sleep.
I got back to Charlotte today!  I figured I would be useless staying in Greensboro, so instead I kept myself, Colin and Suzi out of the way =) 
When we aren't with Garet we always send him a "Good night" picture.  This was tonights.  Colin was pretending to be asleep.  Pretty sure he was snoring here.

March 21

Home sweet home.
Almost.  We still have to move in.
We are sooooo excited!  My dad came to help paint the kids rooms.  I wanted those two rooms done before we got all the furniture in.

March 20

The audience.
I drove back to Greensboro today... we closed on our house and today was the day the previous owners were moving out!!!  (they rented back to us for a few days)  So I went back to help Garet finish packing and check out our new house!  Before I left I took a dresser from my parents house... since I am super pregnant mom and dad put the dresser in my car.  Colin and Suzi had fun watching =)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19

Riding Rose.
We went to my aunt's house today and met her horse Rose!  I wanted to ride so bad - but instead I just put Colin up there =)

March 18

Showing Grandmama his cars.
Have I mentioned that Colin loves cars??  He wanted to show Grandmama all the ones he had in this carrying case.

March 17

Baby Austin.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I got to go see one of my best friend's baby today!  Adorable!

March 16

Baby shower.
My sweet cousins and sister-in-law threw Addison and me a baby shower!  This picture is some of my cousins, aunts and best friend (and some of the kids, of course!)  It was perfect!  And so great to see everyone!

March 15

Tractor riding with Papaw.
Colin, Suzi and I came to Charlotte... Garet had to work.  Colin had a BLAST riding driving Papaw's tractor - and his dune buggy (which Colin calls the race car!)  I don't know who had a bigger smile!

March 14


March 13

Policeman Colin.
Since we have a pass for the year, and since we live 5 minutes away (when we move we will be 20 min. away), I figured we should go to the Children's Museum one last time before we move.  Colin was "driving" the police car and another little boy was in the back =)

March 12

One chocolate chip.
I had MOPS this morning and had to take a little something to eat... I had one of my cake bars left over, so after lunch Colin and I split it.  He picked up one chocolate chip from it to eat, the next thing I look over and this is his face.  How the heck did he do that?  Silly boy!

March 11

We made a road on a piece of paper and Colin had fun playing on it.  We had all sorts of things to do: basketball, boating, swimming, houses to play at... I have done this for him before and am always amazed at how long it holds his attention!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 10

Throwing rocks.
We played hookie from church since we are all trying to get over this nasty cough/cold thing that's going around... instead we went down to the waterfall near our house.  It was so pretty outside and Colin had a blast throwing rocks into the water. 
(Did I mention that this was the last weekend we will all be in town while living in this house?!  Crazy!)

March 9

My handsome dinner dates.
We had a great day! We met some friends at the park and Colin just LOVES their daughter, so they had a blast running around.  We had a picnic there since it was sooo nice outside.  Then we went out to dinner.  AND frozen yogurt!  Yummy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

March 8

What a day.
This morning I had my 30 week appointment (Addison is perfect!)  Then this afternoon I took Suzi to the vet (which she hates going to)... poor dog hurt her foot and got medicine for it.  It's so sad, she is limping around the house, and Colin keeps trying to make her feel better by handing her her toys.  Or books.  Or his toys. 

March 7

Tractor riding.
We got to get outside finally!  It was windy but at least we got to get in the sun some!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

March 6

Choo choo.
Colin and I ran errands all morning, but I am afraid my little boy is starting to get sick...
So after his nap, we hung out with Suzi.  Colin pulled out some blocks and lined them all up and called it his "choo choo train".

March 5

I knew it would hit me when I changed the calander, and it did... we are MOVING this month!  We are closing in like 2 weeks!  I got a little stressed... so we started packing!  Bout time right??
(can I just say that Colin is such a great helper!  but I will admit that this box is probably 50% paper that he balled up and threw in)

March 4

Suzi is such a trooper... the necklaces and the cars being rolled on her... what a sweet girl =)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3

Sometimes when I start to cook dinner (like tonight), Colin will go grab one of my white bowls (like in the picture) so he can "cook".  I have just started giving him a couple measuring cups, some water, and some raisins and that usually is enough for him.  He likes to pour and scoop... today he grabbed a leftover graham cracker from his afternoon snack.  Yummy...

March 2

My dish washer.
Colin really loves to help out around the house... cooking, cleaning, laundry... he is such a helper!  For fun sometimes we let him "wash" dishes =)
-Today I got to go see a friend and her day old baby in the hospital!  The baby was born 2 weeks early... wow, it made me realize how soon Addison could be here!! 

March 1

Before bed.
We let Colin watch 30 minutes of t.v. before bath and bed each night... it's a good way to wind down... during the week that show is ALWAYS "Monkeys!"  a.k.a. Curious George.  Colin LOVES that show!  When Garet is home we usually all end up on the couch at some point watching some of the "monkey" =)