Friday, April 8, 2016

April 2

Colin (age 5.5)

C "Mommy, are you cold?"

Garet, "Mommy's always cold... she's cold hearted."  "Wait..."

Pretty sure he meant "cold blooded", right honey???

April 1

Addison (age 2.5)

"If that diamond ring turn brass.... Mommy's gonna buy me sun... glasses"

March 31

Addison (age 2.5)

Me "Addison, what do you want to play?"
A "Let's Clean Up!!"

That's my girl =)

March 30

Addison (age 2.5)

Addison "Mommy?"

Me "Yes?"

A "No... my crayons were saying that."

March 29

Colin (age 5.5)

Me, looking at our trampoline "It's crooked."
C, looking next to me "No.  It's just your face."

March 28

Addison (age 2.5)

Sometimes she calls me "MomMom" instead of Mommy

And my mom, "Grandmop" instead of Grandmama

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 27

Addison (age 2.5)

"Can you tell mommy's mommy?"

(talking to Colin... about my mom... her grandmama)

March 26

Colin (age 5.5)

Addison and Colin were playing so well together.  Then Addison must have messed up something...

Colin "You can't help me anymore Addison!"

1 minute later...

Colin "Tell me when you're ready Addison..."

March 25

Colin (age 5.5)

"Addison, I tied up your mommy"

(he "tied" a jump rope around my feet)

March 24

Addison (age 2.5)

"It does, but it doesn't"

She says this a lot.

March 23

Colin (age 5.5)

"Colin, today you are Five and a half!"
C "Felix said he was five and three quarters." 
"What does that mean??"

March 22

Addison (age 2.5)

Pluto = Fluto

From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...
"Hey look!  It's Fluto!"

March 21

Colin (age 5)

He came downstairs and told us his toothbrush tasted like soap.
When Garet took him up to bed, he went to brush his teeth again... since it tasted like soap the first time... Garet noticed the hand soap...

"Colin did you brush your teeth with the soap?"

Colin, "Maybe.... by accident."

March 20

Addison (age 2.5)

When I am getting ready in the morning, sometimes I let the kids play on phones... when Addison can't figure out how to play a game I usually tell her that either she needs to pick a different game or go do something else...
She has gotten to where she will go ask Colin to help her =)

March 19

Colin (age 5)

"Mom, can we have a date?"

Love him.

March 18

Addison (age 2.5)

We were all outside doing yard work, after about 1 minute she said, "my boots are tired of working."  And she sat down for the rest of the time.

March 17

Colin (age 5)

Found an acorn that was split in half and looked like a heart. He wondered how it got on the ground...
He said, "Maybe a squirrel got it for it's mommy and maybe the mommy dropped it."