Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 27

Morgan is three.
We had so much fun today celebrating Morgan's birthday!  I got to make her cake =)  Everything was beautiful!  Pink and gold.  It was a perfect weather day too!  The kids played with bubbles, corn hole, chalk, and Colin enjoyed rolling down their grassy hill.

September 26

Walking with Papaw.
This afternoon the kids and I went on a walk.  When we got back, Colin enjoyed playing out with the dirt =)
This morning I went to visit my cousin, Lindsay and the triplets!  I got to cuddle with Harper =)

September 25

Train station.
This morning, Colin had a dentist appointment.  He's been before, but this one was the first for real cleaning and x-rays. He did great!
(he looks so small!)
Then Garet took us to the train station!  We took the train to Charlotte.  Here we are enjoying lunch...
We had a great ride... it takes a little over 1.5 hours.  Colin loves trains, so it was an obvious hit.  Addison just wanted to move around the whole ride.  I mean the WHOLE ride.  So, needless to say, I was exhausted from making sure she didn't fall or cry or run into the aisle =)  But it was fun, and Addison fell asleep about 2 minutes before we pulled into Charlotte.

I did let Addison play with my phone.  She normally can't figure out how to turn it on, she just pretends to talk... but she somehow figured out how to take pictures.  And I just let her...
At my parents, we got to hang out with Morgan!  Her and Colin are so sweet and funny together!  I LOVE that they are so close in age!  They played chase and hide and seek, and they "explored the house" (Colin's idea), they were precious.  Before Morgan left with Eric, they sat like this watching something on the Ipod...

September 24

Pink firetruck.
This pink firetruck (along with a couple more) travel around in support of breast cancer.  Survivors, as well as people writing on behalf of people that have/did have cancer, write on the trucks.  Colin first noticed one last year, "Debbie" was written on the front.  So, when Garet knew that Debbie would be at the hospital, the kids and I went by to have lunch with Garet and go see the trucks =)
(the truck behind them is named "Elaine" just like Addison's middle name)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 23

The birthday boy.
Today was a great day! Colin turned 4!  I managed to get a few pictures with him before school this morning.  I tried to get one with both of them...
...but that quickly led to many outtakes!
Since Garet has worked so much, he was able to have today off!  What a treat!  He dressed Addison after naps and she looked so cute with her boots and little sweater...
Then we headed outside to make a fire in the fire pit.  Colin helped Garet find sticks for the fire... Garet said, "I found a big stick!" then Colin said, "Me too!  Look at my big stick!"  So I took a picture of them both =)

Throwing a stick into the pit...

I love this kid so much!  My FOUR year old!

September 22

We're off.
Addison and I ran a couple errands while Colin was at school.  Her sunglasses didn't fit her anymore... so she wore some of Colin's =)

When Colin got home from school... we had a rough afternoon.  So, when we were on the couch and he did this....
It just made me melt.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 21

Fourth birthday party.
Today we celebrated Colin's 4th birthday!  His birthday is the 23rd, but we had his party today.  He wanted to have a Lightening McQueen party... so we did!  I made the cake...
We had friends and family come over and we hung out in the yard for a bit... bubbles, dirt, motorized Jeep, balls, chalk... the kids had a great time!

Then we moved inside for lunch and cake...
After some playing, Colin opened gifts... he is so funny because he doesn't like all the attention being on him, he gets so embarrassed.  Precious boy.

It was such a fun day!  We are so proud of our little man!  Can't believe he is almost 4!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 20

Race Day.
Today was busy! We headed out (early) to the race that Garet is in charge of.  We got there at 7:30 (yes a.m.) (yes on a Saturday). Right before I snapped this, a mascot character walked behind me, so Colin pointed and Addison made this face.  =)  I love this picture.
I pushed Addison and ran with Colin.  I haven't run since before I was pregnant with Addison, so I was super proud of myself for running the whole thing!  Oh and I was super duper proud of my boy for running it!  I was really impressed with him! He did great!  And got a medal... which he kept pointing out that he was faster than me since he got a medal and I did not...
When we got home, my parents came by... then after naps, my Aunt Ann came by with my cousins girls, Maya and Ava!  We went to their hotel and went swimming...

I cannot even express how much this picture is going to mean to Colin!  Him and Maya...

Then we went to Chick Fila for dinner... then home for me to make a birthday cake!

September 19

Today was Talk Like a Pirate Day... so Krispy Kreme was giving away 1 free donut if you talked like a pirate, and 1 dozen FREE donuts if you dressed like one.  So... after naps, we got Colin decked out =)  On the way into the store, Colin's hat kept falling off... so I just put it on Addison.  When we got into the store, Colin said, "Argh Matey" to the lady and she looked up at Addison and said, "Okay, 2 dozen?"  So, because Addison was dressed also, we got 2 dozen free donuts! 
Don't worry we dropped off 1 box with Garet since he was working late!

September 18

Since Garet has been super busy at work preparing for an upcoming race (fundraiser) we went to visit and help him pass out some fliers this afternoon.  He works at the hospital, which is why we were there =)
(Colin was trying to hold Addison's hand while walking, but she wanted to wait for me)

September 17

His vest.
If you aren't familiar with Awana... it is basically scripture memorization for kids.  Once they can say the verse, they first get a vest, then they get pins to put on their vests.  So... Colin has memorized 1 John 4:10 (a shortened version) =)  So tonight, he got his vest!  He was so proud!  As were we!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 16

Sweet baby.
We enjoyed the weather again this afternoon... then when we came in so I could make dinner, we all got a little crazy =)
Addison put this on her head and rode around the kitchen...
When we heard Garet pull into the garage, Colin ran off to "hide"... this is where he was...
(fyi... I took this picture from the entrance to our living room... the first room you see when you come inside from the garage.)

September 15

Pushing his sister.
This afternoon we got outside and enjoyed the cooler weather!  Colin is so sweet with Addison... when she gets frustrated because she wants "push" he will go push her =) 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 14

Lunch crew.
Today, Garet's sisters, Kim, Karen, and Merideth came for lunch!  Merideth brought 2 (of her 6) kids, Jake and Katrina, and we had a great time!
This is how the morning started off =)

September 13

Bubbles with cousin Jay.
Jay got here late last night... so we had a big day today!  We went to Monkey Joes, Chick Fila, then we had fun with bubbles... walked to the lake, played basketball, grilled out.... and then after dinner and before bath, I took some pictures (from Addison's window) of them playing in the water =)