Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 30

My Suzi girl.
We had a couple errands to run this morning, then we hung out outside. 

That night, I got to go out with some of my girlfriends here!  It was so much fun!  I really love hanging out with these ladies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29

Here they come.
We had a great time today!  We spent lots of time outside this morning... it was beautiful!  Colin blew bubbles for Addison...
Addison learned how to climb up the slide, then slide down, all by herself... it's nice to have her occupied with that so that Colin and I could play ball!  He loves to hit the ball... and is actually really good at it!  He gets sooo excited!

He may not have the nicest form... but he hits it!  =)

Can't you just see them in the future... cruisin around changing the radio =)

We had a lunch play date at "chickie fila" and had so much fun!  We met up with my friend Melanie and her two boys... one is Colin's age.  At the play thing there were about 8 boys, all around the same age, and they were running as fast as possible!  It was hilarious watching them!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28

Water fun.
This morning we had a fun day outside!  It was so nice out, so the kids got on their bathing suits and had a blast in the water! 
After dinner, Colin got a popsicle and Addison got a little cookie =) 
(by the way... Colin has started to pick out his own clothes and dress himself)

July 27

Bristol says "Hey".
Today I woke up and drove to my cousin Lindsay's house!  She gave birth to identical triplet girls about 6 weeks ago!  I finally got to meet them!  It is just amazing.  They are doing an awesome job, and the girls are doing so great!  It was so nice to get to see all of them!
Harper and Bristol:
Sophie and the dogs sleeping...


July 26

Just chillin.
Despite the face on Addison, she was super excited to be sitting in this little chair by herself =)
This morning, we all went on a walk on the greenway in Greensboro... we walked to a park that we used to take Colin to when he was smaller (before Addison).  We had a great time!

And look who got to come too!

This afternoon we went to a friends house for dinner!  This is Addison with Andrew...

And Colin digging with Zach...

It was a busy, fun day!  I even got some cuddles from my handsome little man =)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

July 25

The kids and I had to get out today... we've been kind of cooped up with it raining so much outside... so we headed to a park nearby.  We had so much fun!  It was overcast, so not to hot.  There were a couple other kids there around Colin's age, so he had fun playing with them.  Addison spotted a baby and followed around the mom saying, "baby!  baby!  baby!"  Overall, it was just what we needed! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

July 24

Happy Birthday Daddy.
Today we celebrated Garet's birthday!  We woke up to birthday donuts... then Garet went to work.  After naps the kids took a "happy birthday" picture
When Garet got home we had an awesome dinner (made by yours truly... toot toot!)  And then had cake!  (the neon blue icing was picked out my none other than Colin)

Then Garet opened his cards and presents...  this was Colin telling Garet all about the picture he drew =)
And how cute are these two! 
We love you Garet!! 

July 23

Sharing snack.
Addison left the living room so I went looking for her... looks like she decided to share some of her snack with Suzi =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 22

I see you.
My sunglasses broke the other day, so we headed to the store so I could pick out some new ones.  The kids were a big help!

I got this of Colin this morning.  So handsome.

And Addison has starting riding her horse... especially when Colin has on a movie.  Todays feature: Winnie The Pooh.

July 21


Today, the kids went with me to Garet's office to meet everyone! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 20

Going for a ride.
After church today, we just hung out around here.  It was a nasty afternoon... cloudy, humid, perfect for staying inside!  I like these next pictures of Colin:
Make a sad face:
Make a happy face:

Make a silly face:

July 19

Checking the engine.
Mary Kay left this morning and the kids and I did some cleaning around the house and a couple errands.  After naps, we went to this fancy open house for a local photographer, Kissing Tree Studios.  Of course, I couldn't take any pictures while we were there... but it was really neat.  This guy does amazing work.  He does lots of Santa pictures, and it literally looks like the pictures are painted!  It is so beautiful!  So they had the whole studio and different rooms set up with the different scenes, and they had wine and snacks.  The kids got to see Santa: Colin was super shy, and Addison just kept waving at him saying "Hey!"  =) 

July 18

My little loves.
We headed to the science center today! 

Colin was laughing so hard at these crazy mirrors!  It was hilarious!

When we got to the tigers, there was a man with a super bright neon orange shirt on... the tiger started crouching down like he was going to pounce!  It was crazy.  This was when the man was behind us... it looked like he was staring Colin down.  When the man walked away, the tiger followed him. 

After nap time, we went outside an played.  Addison tried to play ball with Suzi...

And Mary Kay taught Colin how to play softball =)  Here she is throwing the ball... Colin swinging... then so so so proud that he hit it!