Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 8

Addison (age 2.5)

She was getting in a playhouse on the playground.

"Look at this home sweet home!"

March 7

Addison (age 2.5)

Telling me a story about when she was at the nursery...

A "... and I was crying..."
Me "What did the teacher say?"
A "She said.... she said... she said, you're getting snot everywhere."

March 6

Colin (age 5)

C "Did you know that a tree keeps you alive?"
Me "How?"
C "Because God made the branches and if a farmer cuts it down it will break our hearts."

March 5

Colin (age 5) Addison (age 2.5)

When we get home from picking up Colin, he always grabs his book bag and asks Addison if she wants to watch him draw or do his homework.
Then they sit at the table together and he shows her how it's done.

March 4

Addison (age 2.5)

body = bottom

"And my skirt goes on my body"

She thinks it is a "bad" word to say "body"

March 3

Colin (age 5)

Drawing a picture...

"Look Mom, it's a monster.  And I drew his nose.  With boogers.  And... he's picking it!"

Monday, March 14, 2016

March 2

Addison (age 2.5)

Carrying a bucket full of water, and the water kept splashing out into her face
"Stop it! Stop it water!"

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 1

Addison (age 2.5)

Me "Addison, what did you talk about at church today?
A "The scenery"

February 29

Addison (age 2.5)

Talking to Colin,
"Can you please help me honey bunny?"

February 28

Colin (age 5)

He said his AWANA verse (for church)

Me "Woohoo! You nailed it!"
C "I did?  When?"

February 27

Addison (age 2.5)

In the grocery store...

"Hmmmm.... I see diapers... but I don't see panties..."

February 26

Colin (age 5)

"Mom, Gracie just got her muddy feet on me and I just got myself cleaned up!"

February 25

Addison (age 2.5)

A "Can you leave the door open just a little bit?"
Me "Nope."
A "Can you leave it open a big bit?"